Business Startup Checklist

This list is not designed to be all encompassing. Rather, it is designed to bring to light some of the many things you need to consider when starting a business. You should see advice and assistance from experts and trusted advisors before investing your hard earned time and money into your new venture. This may include, but not be limited to, attorneys, accountants, insurance specialists, bankers, and marketing consultants.

What is the “Orphan” in the Workplace?

Identifying the Negative Employee

With a lot of focus on positivity in the workplace recently, it’s important to find out who the negative workers are in the office and WHY. We found this explanation of one type of negative employee from Stephen W. Frueh, PhD, in the recent blog of Southern California Professional.

Facebook 101 For Business Owners

Forbes is known for their big articles about big topics, but they are a great source of information for small to mid-sized businesses, too. What we particularly like is that they often bring us information that really finds the pulse of the business owner by addressing important topics.

Sales Tax 101 from the SBA


If you’re going to be in business, you need to understand sales tax. It can be, well, taxing, to say the least. A good accountant can help you negotiate your way through understanding and compliance with sales tax matters, but a good understanding is still critical for any successful small business owner.

The Future of In-Store Retail Shopping Goes High Tech

Retail Shopping Trends - Business Owner 1010

(ARA) – Remember the days of loading the station wagon and heading to the local mall to spend the entire day getting everything the family needs? Well, those days a long gone. Today, American shoppers are savvy and smart. They know exactly what they want and how they’ll get it. The Internet has also taken a bit out of local retail shopping. As a result of this fast-paced shopping evolution we are witnessing, the retail environment is transforming, too.

Commercial Leasing Lingo

By Sheryl Mazirow
Mazirow Commercial

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Before you steam ahead with leasing office space, here are some basic commercial real estate leasing terms you should know:

Accountants Are Critical To Small Business Success

(ARA) – When you think about the backbone of a business, it’s not just the owner, CEO or board of directors who keep everything trucking along. It’s also the accountant who leads the finances of small and larger companies into the future.

“Accounting has always been a crucial part of running a business. You simply can’t run an efficient or profitable company if you aren’t keeping an eye on your books,” says Debbie Nelson, business accounting instructor at Everest Institute in Kalamazoo, Mich.

A Small Business Owner’s Guide: Choosing a Fast, Quality Print Vendor

(ARA) – Long gone are the days when the ordering brochures, business cards or banners for trade shows required multiple visits to a print shop, followed by a lengthy wait to get the job done. Digital printing technology has dramatically improved the process, and that’s great news for small business owners who need quality print products to help build their brand and their business – especially in a pinch.

Is Outsourcing An Option For Your Small Business?

By Sandy Allan
Technology & Operational Solutions Inc.

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Juggling calls, shipping products and staffing on your own will stress even the most experienced business owner. Here are nine ways to help alleviate the day-to-day burden.

Whether you are just opening your new business, or are already established and need to do some budget-crunching, there are several options to consider and decisions to make.

Selling A Business In A Tight Economy

By Matt Coletta
Business Team, Business Sales & Acquisitions

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When a business has consistent revenue, profits and value, what options does a seller have?

Here are key factors for selling a business.