Facebook 101 For Business Owners

Forbes is known for their big articles about big topics, but they are a great source of information for small to mid-sized businesses, too. What we particularly like is that they often bring us information that really finds the pulse of the business owner by addressing important topics.

Here’s an article on things that business owners should know about Facebook, as well as some smart tips and techniques.


Sales Tax 101 from the SBA


If you’re going to be in business, you need to understand sales tax. It can be, well, taxing, to say the least. A good accountant can help you negotiate your way through understanding and compliance with sales tax matters, but a good understanding is still critical for any successful small business owner.

Here’s a link to an article posted on the SBA website that will help you get the basics of sales tax.


The Future of In-Store Retail Shopping Goes High Tech

Retail Shopping Trends - Business Owner 1010

(ARA) – Remember the days of loading the station wagon and heading to the local mall to spend the entire day getting everything the family needs? Well, those days a long gone. Today, American shoppers are savvy and smart. They know exactly what they want and how they’ll get it. The Internet has also taken a bit out of local retail shopping. As a result of this fast-paced shopping evolution we are witnessing, the retail environment is transforming, too.

Retailers are responding to this new “mission shopping” phenomenon by giving shoppers and consumers an intelligent, in-store experience driven by technology. The next time you visit your favorite retail establishment, don’t be surprised if you see high-tech innovations that enhance your experience and make shopping easier than ever before.

Trend 1: Gamification

It’s no secret that gaming is popular  for many people. With the growth in availability and affordability of new gaming systems in recent years, it seems everyone has their favorite game, and retailers are taking notice. It’s no surprise that retail stores are integrating the fun and interactivity of gaming to bring the shopping experience to the next level.


Commercial Leasing Lingo


By Sheryl Mazirow
Mazirow Commercial

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Before you steam ahead with leasing office space, here are some basic commercial real estate leasing terms you should know:

Abatement: Often referred to as free rent or early occupancy.

Above Building Standard: Upgraded finishes and specialized designs necessary to accommodate a tenant’s requirements.

As-Is Condition: The tenant accepts the existing condition of the property at the time the lease is consummated.

Base Year: Actual operating expenses for a specified base year, usually the year in which the lease commences.


Accountants Are Critical To Small Business Success


(ARA) – When you think about the backbone of a business, it’s not just the owner, CEO or board of directors who keep everything trucking along. It’s also the accountant who leads the finances of small and larger companies into the future.

“Accounting has always been a crucial part of running a business. You simply can’t run an efficient or profitable company if you aren’t keeping an eye on your books,” says Debbie Nelson, business accounting instructor at Everest Institute in Kalamazoo, Mich.

The old days of accountants running around in brown suits, pocket protectors and gnawed-off pencils are long gone. Today’s accounting professionals are completely digitized, allowing them to concentrate their job more on financially strengthening a business, rather than only handling paychecks and invoices.

“The role of an accountant is being transformed from simply helping a business run to helping a business envision its future,” Nelson says.


A Small Business Owner’s Guide: Choosing a Fast, Quality Print Vendor


(ARA) – Long gone are the days when the ordering brochures, business cards or banners for trade shows required multiple visits to a print shop, followed by a lengthy wait to get the job done. Digital printing technology has dramatically improved the process, and that’s great news for small business owners who need quality print products to help build their brand and their business – especially in a pinch.

“Broader access to quality printing and services such as same day pickup have made it easier for small business owners to build brand identity with the print products that are their tools of the trade,” says Karen Post, the “branding diva” and author of “Brand Turnaround.”

Before the advent of digital printing, small business owners would be hard pressed to find a print vendor willing to take small orders, fast turnarounds or requests for customization. Now, print vendors are plentiful, and with so many of them vying for your business, it can be difficult to know which one offers the best services and the best deals.


Is Outsourcing An Option For Your Small Business?


By Sandy Allan
Technology & Operational Solutions Inc.

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Juggling calls, shipping products and staffing on your own will stress even the most experienced business owner. Here are nine ways to help alleviate the day-to-day burden.

Whether you are just opening your new business, or are already established and need to do some budget-crunching, there are several options to consider and decisions to make.

As a business owner who is constantly working to ensure the right business decisions are made, your biggest goal is to have your products or services benefit clients and customers in a way that differentiates your company from your competitors.

These days, a new company is typically a one- or two-person operation that attempts to effectively cover all aspects of running a business. Read The Full Original Article…

Selling A Business In A Tight Economy

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By Matt Coletta
Business Team, Business Sales & Acquisitions

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When a business has consistent revenue, profits and value, what options does a seller have?

Here are key factors for selling a business.

Buyers are more educated than ever these days, and they are not taking risks. The current marketplace is such that there is a healthy pool of buyers with impressive backgrounds and liquid funds looking to purchase quality businesses. Buyers are coming out of corporate America and looking to purchase businesses by using their savings or retirement funds through various programs as a source of down payment. Younger Baby Boomers (mid 40’s – 50’s) are also looking to fulfill their dream of owning and operating their own business prior to reaching retirement age. The key is in understanding what motivates buyers in today’s market in order to successfully sell your business. Read The Full Original Article…

How To Save On Your Next Office Lease

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By Sheryl Mazirow
Mazirow Commercial

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Landlords lease office space 365 days a year. How often do you? Good information is the first step in obtaining a more favorable lease.

Your office says a lot about you and your firm. The city, the building, the space, the furnishings are all a part of your brand, so finding a space that is both productive for your employees and inviting to your clients and customers is a big decision.

The average business professional doesn’t spend a lot of time researching office space. His or her research may involve just asking around, or worse, just driving around. This is exactly what landlords want you to do: look a little, see a space, and sign a lease. When this happens, the landlord has all the chips on his side of the table, and the tenant-to-be has very few. Conventional thinking is that the buyer has the advantage, but when leasing commercial space, few tenants have the knowledge to be able to negotiate the best terms.

What You Don’t Know Can And Will Cost You

There are often many hidden items in a lease (and even some not so hidden) that cost tenants significant amounts of money over the term of the lease. Read The Original Article…